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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an ancient therapeutic treatment that enhances well-being, relieves stress and helps in the rejuvenation and regeneration of the human body. It has been used throughout history in traditional medical practices of the world’s greatest civilizations.  Nowadays, aromatherapy is widely accepted by orthodox and complementary practitioners as one of the most comprehensive of the natural therapies.

Aromatherapy is the systematic use of volatile plant oils known as essential oils for treatment or prevention of disease. It is a form of complementary therapy designed to treat the whole person and not just the symptom or disease by assisting the body’s natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself.

There are 2 main ways in which Aromatherapy can have a therapeutic effect on the mind and body

The Olfaction System

  • Essential oils have an immediate impact on our sense of smell, also known as “olfaction”. When essential oils are inhaled, olfactory receptor cells are stimulated and the impulse is transmitted to the emotional center of the brain, or “limbic system”.
  • The limbic system is connected to areas of the brain linked to memory, breathing, and blood circulation, as well as the endocrine glands which regulate hormone levels in the body. The properties of the oil, the fragrance and its effects, determine stimulation of these systems.

The Skin (The Integumentary System)

  • When used in massage, essential oils are not only inhaled, but absorbed through the skin as well. They penetrate the tissues and find their way into the bloodstream where they are transported to the organs and systems of the body. The oils have different rates of absorption, generally between 20 minutes and 2 hours.
  • The essential oils have a positive effect for helping to restore balance for the mind and body, and as essential oils are a natural substance the body will use what is needed and then naturally eliminate when the chosen tasks have been completed.
  • When using good quality essential oils correctly, the soothing combination of beautiful aromas, massage, aromatic baths and other treatments all work to regulate, balance, heal and maintain your entire being by working with nature, and not against it

What can it treat?

The Holistic Approach

  • Today aromatherapy is one of the most popular of all complementary therapies, offering a wide range of highly effective treatments to both the acute and chronic stages of illness and disease. At the same time, regular use of aromatherapy treatments and home-use products can help to strengthen the immune system, thereby establishing a preventative approach to overall health.
  • One of the reasons that aromatherapy has been so hugely successful is because it uses a holistic approach, whereby the aromatherapist takes into account a person’s medical history, emotional condition, general health and lifestyle before planning a course of treatment. The whole person is treated – not just the symptoms of an illness.
  • Backache, irritable bowel syndrome or headaches, for example, are often the result of stress and not actually a physical problem. Therefore no amount of pill-popping is really going to provide a long term solution since it only masks the symptoms without addressing the problems. By looking at the causes of the stress and providing treatments to ease and manage it, the aromatherapist will help to alleviate the condition in a much more efficient manner.

About the treatments

Aromatherapy Treatments

£35.00 Calm and Soothe back, neck and shoulder massage 45 minutes

£40.00 Aromatherapy facial including neck and shoulder massage 60 minutes

£50.00 Full body massage 90 minutes

£45.00 A treatment that is designed and tailored to your individual needs 75 minutes

£45.00 Deep tissue release massage therapy for chronic muscular/ skeletal conditions 60 minutes

£50.00 Reflexology followed by an aromatherapy massage 90 minutes

£50.00 Back massage followed by pressure point facial and scalp massage 90 minutes

If you are pregnant or have specific medical concerns and are looking to receive a treatment please contact me directly as most treatments can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Yvonne LockhartAbout Yvonne Lockhart MFHT

Aromatherapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, tutor of holistic therapies, fully insured by the Federation of Holistic Therapists

Yvonne Lockhart has been a practicing holistic therapist for 20 years and has worked extensively in 5 star spars in the UK and Worldwide before opening her practice at the Oxford Practice in 2010.

Yvonne specialises in reversing the fight or flight stress response within the body that can lead to ill health. This is applied with the use of personalised essential oil blends in all her treatments.

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